Monday, February 20, 2012

Restaurant Website Design

   Characteristics of Good Restaurant Website

Many customers visit a restaurant's website looking for a certain information that they couldn't find somewhere, Your website should provide all this information. 
You are wondering how you can provide this info and what your website should contain in order to get customer satisfaction, well here are some few suggestions about how you can have a good restaurant website:

  • MENU: You should have a special page for you menu, showing all your items, a description of every item, and price, having a PDF form of your menu only is not enough.
  • RESERVATION: If you are a casual restaurant you should have a reservation section, your customers can reserve a place on a specific date from your website.
  • RESTAURANT ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER: Don't forget to show your address on the first page of your website, this help your customers to locate you easily, and also it helps you website ranks higher on search engines
  • MAP: Include a map of your location on your first page, you can get this fromGoogle places. Map will help your customers to find you and get directions to your restaurant.
  • Testimonial section: It is essential to provide on your website your customers reviews, if you are doing good, reviews will be positive and thus increasing the opportunity to gain new customers
  • Daily or Monthly Specials: Announce to your customers your daily or monthly specials, for example " January's Special: Foot long sandwich, chips, drink, and cookies for only $6.99"
  •  Restaurant Hours: Specify your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner hours.
  •  SOCIAL LINKS: Interact with your customers on Facebook, Twitter....

Steps to Rank Higher on Google Places

"rank higher on google places and maps"
If you are a business owner, you can use Google Places to be seen and found on the map. There are several steps should be made in order for your business to be listed and ranked higher when people search for your products or services in your local area.
1- Verify your business listing on Google Places.
2- Make sure your business information (Name, Address, Phone Number…) is the same on your website and other business directories.
3- Add you business address to the header and footer of your website
4- Optimize your Google Places Profile by adding 10 images and 5 videos.
5- Request from your customers to add their reviews on you Google Places Page.
6- Add Coupons to you Profile
7- Add Google Map to your Website

Restaurant Blog Page SEO

"Blog Page search engine optimization"
It is very important to know the search engine optimization  essentials when it comes to publishing a new Blog Page or Post. There are some basic things you can do to make sure your new page or post is set up for the Google crawler to understand what the page is about, and boost your chances for ranking highly for your search term.
Here are a few things to take in to consideration:
  • Select a keyword phrase for the Blog page or post
  • Include the keyword in the title of your Blog Page or post.
  • Select headers that includes you keyword phrase
  • Include an image, and add description and tags
  • Use bold font in the body
  • Use internal link withing your text that directs to other pages

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lunch Catering Menus is menu directory for best caterers that offer lunch, business, and corporate catering services. Lunch Catering Menus will provide you with menus, promotions availability, ordering information, and website links for caterers listed on our website.
On Lunch Catering Menus you will find only 10 selected business lunch caterers. Selection is based on Polls done on Facebook, Customer reviews, Promotions, Service and Food Quality.
Lunch Catering Menus is your source for having a delicious lunch and selecting a caterer that offers you a first class service with affordable prices.
Go to menus in order to check our preferred caterers food.
Enjoy your lunch!!